About Us

AppDe.io (AppDe Store) is a platform for mental health related content (games, information, apps) that are developed to mitigate or improve the mental well-being of people. AppDe.io will also serve as a memory training platform for users interested in mastering advanced memory techniques such as memorizing the content of an entire book.

The app platform will be opened to third-party software developers who may be interested in registering and listing their apps on the platform. AppDe is one of the first application distribution platform to focus on dementia applications.

  • Decentralized Apps Store

    AppDe platform and AppDe API are transparent, as outcomes are not controlled and code can be analyzed by anyone.

  • Dementia and super brain training

    AppDe Store is the only AppStore that focuses on memory related applications/ games to help dementia patients improve their memory.


    The robust technical API enables zero DApp knowledge developer to use the unique features of DApp, which encourages the involvement of developers.

  • Forever Games and Apps

    AppDe's games and apps are decentralized by running on a Decentralized environment without server, unlike conventional games on a centralized server which can be decommissioned or removed anytime.

  • Huge market size

    Memory improvement market for dementia patients and MemoryHack market for students who require memorizing skill are huge. The total estimated worldwide cost of dementia is US$818 billion.

  • Transparent App/ Games copyright

    Decentralized apps provide free and transparent copyrights to developer when games/apps are uploaded to AppDe Store.

Our Expert Team

Lis Tan


Lis Tan is the CEO at AppDe Technologies

Lis has been a banker for 12 years and has an extensive network of business connections... locally and internationally. Her most recent ventures include blockchain consulting and business management. Lis has managed the social media, marketing, operations planning, branch expansion and project planning for businesses. An avid gamer and being heavily digitally connected herself, she understands the online game community.

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Seow Ai Leen

Chief Marketing Officer

Ai Leen has been working in the education sector for more than 10 years. Her experience ranges from childhood to tertiary education, and has in-depth understanding of the segment. Ai Leen is also an experienced digital marketer.

Stanley Lee

Business Development Manager

Stanley has been in Finance for 14 years and has his own technology company. Having experience in starting up a tech company from scratch, Stanley is well versed with the aspects of start-up growth and market research.

Matthew Ong

Product Developer (Game)

Matthew’s experience spans over various digital and tabletop aspects. An experienced game and program tester and developer, Matthew is familiar with many programming languages.... Further, Matthew himself is a game creator, having created games that has a focus on the psychological aspect.

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