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AppDe.io (AppDe Store) is a platform for memory related games and applications that are developed to mitigate or improve the well-being of patients with permanent dementia. AppDe.io will also serve as a memory training platform for users interested in mastering advanced memory techniques such as memorizing the content of an entire book.

The app platform will be opened to third-party software developers who may be interested in registering and listing their apps on the platform. AppDe is one of the first application distribution platform to focus on permanent dementia applications.

  • Decentralized Apps Store

    AppDe platform and AppDe API are transparent, as outcomes are not controlled and code can be analyzed by anyone.

  • Permanent Dementia and super brain training

    AppDe Store is the only AppStore that focuses on memory related applications/ games to help permanent dementia patients improve their memory.


    The robust technical API enables zero DApp knowledge developer to use the unique features of DApp, which encourages the involvement of developers.

  • Forever Games and Apps

    AppDe's games and apps are decentralized by running on a Decentralized environment without server, unlike conventional games on a centralized server which can be decommissioned or removed anytime.

  • Huge market size

    Memory improvement market for permanent dementia patients and MemoryHack market for students who require memorizing skill are huge. The total estimated worldwide cost of dementia is US$818 billion.

  • Transparent App/ Games copyright

    Decentralized apps provide free and transparent copyrights to developer when games/apps are uploaded to AppDe Store.

Our Expert Team

Andre Lee


Andre is the CEO at AppDe Technologies. He is a resourceful, well connected leader. He has led engineering, property development and construction teams in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore.... With current business interests in Cambodia and Thailand . Andre entered the block chai industry 2 years ago when he heard about it. He has worked at business development role at a leading advisory firm in Singapore, and has experience in two blockchain startups for fundraising and business development.

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Prasenjeet Kashyap

Chief Technology Officer

Prasenjeet is currently the Chief Technology Officer at AppDe Technologies, He has more than 10 years of experience in IT business which also includes consulting, overseas business development,... international sales and marketing and strategic business planning, His experience also includes brand setup in multiple industries internet mobile and mobile accessories, telecom, IT software and hardware and web, marketing services and crypto and blockchain industry.

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Bryan Lee

Chief Marketing Officer

Bryan is the Chief Marketing Officer at AppDe Technologies. Bryan is an industry-recognized ICO advisor, Crypto marketing strategist, and one of the most sought-after IEO, ICO, STO Expert in the crypto space.... He has presented in numerous blockchain event worldwide.

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Dr. Sundardas D Annamalay

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Sundardas is the Chief Operations Officer at AppDe Technologies, managing and aligning the operations of the company with its strategic business objectives. He is a physicist, author..., Professor of Natural Medicine and Naturopath, Homeopath and Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner practicing in Singapore for the last thirty years. He is CEO of NTC Alliance Group of Companies. He has seen upwards to 15,000 clients from more than 30 countries. He has spoken in and presented in more than 12 countries. He has helped organisations increase their revenue to the tune of US$25 million with strategic business consulting. He completed his first degree in Physics (National University of Singapore). He did his training in Acupuncture in Singapore. He went on to do his Naturopathy and Homeopathy Degree with Youngson Institute of Natural Science in Australia. He did his PhD with University of Natural Medicine (Nevada). He subsequently did his MD(MA) followed by his Doctor of Science seventeen years later with Open International University for Complementary Medicine (Sri Lanka). He is also a Diplomate in Anti-Ageing Medicine with American Academy for Anti-Ageing Medicine. Dr Sundardas areas of specialization include Gut Brain Healing, Neurology and Pain. He has presented at numerous conference on Functional Medicine, Nutritional Modulation, Energy Medicine and the Gut Brain system, Autism and its ramifications. He is also an accomplished author and co-author of four bestselling books on Amazon.

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Nishant Kasibhatla

Memory Advisor, International memory master

Nishant Kasibhatla is a Peak Mental Performance Expert, a Guinness World Record Holder (2011) in memory and a Grand Master of Memory. He helps executives, managers and leaders... to cultivate a High Performance Mindset and boost their focus and productivity. And he helps students to get better grades and ace their exams. Millions of television viewers have experienced Nishant Kasibhatla on the Discovery Channel, South China Morning Post, Channel News Asia, VTV, Zee TV and Vasantham TV networks. Thousands of people from all over the world watch his weekly videos on his YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/NishantKasibhatlaSpeaker

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Richard Trummer

ICO Advisor

Richard is one of the top ICO advisor in ICO Bench with numerous tens of ICO project experiences. He is an Internet Marketing Expert specialized affiliate marketing and Facebook-ads traffic, selling high ticket products.

Lev Umanov

ICO Advisor

Lev is one of the best cryptocurrency price forecast expert in the market. He has numerous years in cryptocurrency industry and currently is a consultant of multiple exchanges. Lev has forecast the price stability of AppDe tokens.

Janet Lee


She has spent more than 25 years working in the fields of wealth management, money markets & capital markets with banks & stocks brokering houses inclusive of Citibank, UOB, Phillips Securities, Westcomb Securities... & OCBC Securities as a Relationship Manager, Associate Director, Financial Analyst & Stock Broker. She is currently CEO of Venture Capital Network Pte Ltd & had successfully help a few local SME owners to pitch in China for fundraising & OTC listings matters. In recent 2 years she is very active in ICO listings advisory & fundraising campaign. In 2018, she successfully helped two local ICO projects listed on The Global Blockchain Exchange (GBX) as a sponsored film to the exchange.

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Wan Wei

PR Advisor

Wan Wei is a seasoned PR and marketing professional in the emerging tech space. Passionate about mental and physical wellness, she is also a highly regarded bilingual speaker and educator in the blockchain industry.

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