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AppDe.io (AppDe Store) is a platform for memory related games and applications that are developed to mitigate or improve the well-being of patients with permanent dementia. AppDe.io will also serve as a memory training platform for users interested in mastering advanced memory techniques such as memorizing the content of an entire book.

The app platform will be opened to third-party software developers who may be interested in registering and listing their apps on the platform. AppDe is one of the first application distribution platform to focus on permanent dementia applications.

  • Decentralized Apps Store

    AppDe platform and AppDe API are transparent, as outcomes are not controlled and code can be analyzed by anyone.

  • Permanent Dementia and super brain training

    AppDe Store is the only AppStore that focuses on memory related applications/ games to help permanent dementia patients improve their memory.


    The robust technical API enables zero DApp knowledge developer to use the unique features of DApp, which encourages the involvement of developers.

  • Forever Games and Apps

    AppDe's games and apps are decentralized by running on a Decentralized environment without server, unlike conventional games on a centralized server which can be decommissioned or removed anytime.

  • Huge market size

    Memory improvement market for permanent dementia patients and MemoryHack market for students who require memorizing skill are huge. The total estimated worldwide cost of dementia is US$818 billion.

  • Transparent App/ Games copyright

    Decentralized apps provide free and transparent copyrights to developer when games/apps are uploaded to AppDe Store.

Our Expert Team


Managing Director

Thomas Cheah

Chief Technology Officer


Chief Marketing Officer

Master Teo

Chief Trainer and Advisor

Karl Giese

Chief Operating Officer

Elly Lai

Business Development


Business Development

Chandra Shekar

Business Analyst

Ponthota Viswanath Reddy

Senior IOS Developer

Y.V Dastheswara Reddy

Project Manager (IOS Head)

Sreevani Seelaka

Senior IOS Developer

Chandrika Reddy

Senior Android Engineer

Mounika Reddy

Ui/Ux Designer

Hamza Yasin

Blockchain Expert

Special Thanks

"Special thanks to Dr. Antonnella for the guidance and inspirations, bring us to where we are."

Antonella Chadha

Medical Doctor, Neuroscientist, Pathologist

Dr. Antonella is an adept medical doctor with years of practice experience. Dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes and following all necessary medical procedures with the use of the latest industry equipment and technology. Strong focus on listening to and addressing patient concerns and answering all questions in terms patients can easily understand.

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